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Telix Testimonials

District Realty makes the move to a
Telix™ VoIP Phone Solution
Telix™ customer service exceeded industry standards.
Ottawa, February 28, 2013: 

District Realty was in the market for a new phone system and started by checking the usual channels of supply such as Bell and IT Managed Services companies.  VoIP was recommended by the various suppliers.  The quotes were all comparable but the sales people didn’t seem to know what they were selling.  Telix™ was brought to our attention by personal friends who had recently had new phone systems installed by them and were very pleased.  District invited Telix™ to come in and show us what they had.
Rob and Anthony from Telix™ knew exactly what they were selling and they were able to explain it to us very clearly.  They provided a reasonable time-line of events that ended with a new VoIP phone system operating in the District offices.  They also provided the same hardware choice recommended by the other providers, but at a much lower cost.  Even the ongoing monthly fees were significantly less than the other quotes.
Once we agreed to engage Telix™ for the project they immediately went to work.  Telix™ was able to complete each segment of the installation ahead of schedule, including the staff training.  The switch over from the old system to the new one was seamless and Telix™ was right there with us every step of the way.  I would highly recommend Telix™ to anyone looking for a new phone system.
Mark Alcorn
Chief Financial Officer
District Realty
Since District has installed a Telix™ phone system they have been rewarded with large monthly savings. With this new partnership they have recently converted an apartment building phone system and are now experiencing a 60% savings each month. As of May 21, 2015 TELIX serves over