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Hosted PBX

Telix™ Hosted PBX is a virtually managed phone system for small, medium and enterprise sized business.

Forget Tradition

Many businesses use traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems to manage inbound and outbound call traffic, voicemail and all of the functions associated with a business telephone system.

The world of digital telephony changes the model that we are used to when we think of traditional phone systems and PBX. In the traditional world, you are vendor specific which means you have access to the functions and hardware they provide at their price plan.

Business is Going Digital

With digital technology these expensive PBX (Public Exchange) systems are replaced with inexpensive servers or high end computers that manage inbound and outbound call traffic, voicemail and functions at a significantly reduced cost. You are no longer vendor specific with your hardware, so you have the opportunity to mix various types of phones with varying functionality to build cost effective, business customized phone systems.

Hosted and Managed by Telix™

PBX no longer needs to be located on site - in most cases they can be located in remote data centers, hosted and managed by Telix™, allowing for redundancy, protection in power / internet failures and a significantly reduced cost of operation.

Telix™ Provides a digital phone solution for business and home service that is: