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We believe all of our customers deserve the most versatile and revolutionary phone service in the world. That is why all of the features listed below are provided to every single one of our valuable customers at no extra charge.

All Packages Include:

Conference Calling
Eliminate your third party conference provider. Telix™ Conference Calling is included Free.

Enhanced Voicemail

Check your voicemail via phone, web, or email with the touch of a button.

Second Phone Line

Receive calls on two separate lines simultaneously.

Download a Phone

Turn your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android into a telephone by downloading a Soft-Phone client.


Bring your laptop or phone adapter anywhere and use your home phone free of charge.

Outgoing Caller ID

Allow the people you are calling to see your number and name.

Simultaneous Ring
Ring your home phone number or other number of your choice when you receive a call.

Call Waiting
Never miss a call again with our easy to use call waiting feature.

Network Unavailable Forward

Forward calls to your cell phone or any other number in case of a power outage.

3-Way Calling

Don’t leave your friends and family out, call two other parties at the same time!

Incoming Caller ID with Name
See the name and number of the party calling you.

Custom Caller ID With Name

Set custom Caller ID info for specific numbers.

Free Telix™-to-Telix™ calling
Enjoy free calling to other Telix™ customers.

7,10, & 11 Digit Dialing
You can dial using either 7, 10, or 11 digits.

Call Return (*69)
Not in time to answer your call? Simply pickup your phone and dial *69.

CID Privacy Exception List
Block your outgoing caller ID information, while allowing it to reach important numbers!

Local and Long Distance Dialing
Local and long distance dialing is included for the entire US & Canada! (excludes Alaska-Hawaii-NWT)

Caller-ID with Name on Call Waiting

See the name and number of an incoming call while you are on a call.

Call Hunt

Forward your incoming calls to 5 different numbers.

BYOD Service Access
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) access lets you use any digital phone enabled device in conjunction with our service.

Call Forwarding
Forward your home number to your office while you’re at work!

e911 Support

Enhanced 911 service is available in most markets where Telix service is available. e911 automatically associates a physical address with the calling party’s telephone number, and routes the call to the most appropriate party for that address.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Avoid unwanted calls by choosing to reject anonymous incoming calls.

Custom Call Blocking

Looking to avoid a call from a specific number?

Low International Rates
Telix service comes with the low international rates.

Voicemail Notification Via Email
Set email address to receive voicemail notifications.

Add a Line
Add multiple phone numbers to your Telix account.

Virtual Number
Virtual phone numbers are secondary numbers from any available area code for your primary Telix™ line.